The postgraduate students of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) have been equipped on how to conduct research in the sciences and engineering sector at a workshop held at Tyco City Hotel.

The workshop which was organized by the School of Graduate Studies on the theme ‘Science and Society: Conducting Research in the Sciences an Engineering’ aimed at enhancing the knowledge of graduate students in UENR to enable them to conduct scholarly research that would solve societal challenges.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Harrison K Dapaah in his opening remarks said graduate studies are centered on research activities that cannot be underrated. He added that students who take their research seriously would be able to thrive in academia and research institutions.

Prof. Dapaah urged the participants not to contract out their research work rather, they should take it upon themselves to undertake the research and own the work at the end of the study. He further advised the students to be humble, learn and collaborate with their supervisors to reach successful research.

Delivering on the topic ‘Science and Society at the workshop, Prof. Robert Kingsford-Adaboh of the University of Ghana acknowledged that research forms an integral part of human life which cuts across sciences, engineering, humanities among others. He explained that science has a specific role as well as a variety of functions such as creating new knowledge, improving education, increasing the quality of life for the benefit of society. ‘Science must respond to societal needs and global challenges’ he stated.

Prof. Kingsford-Adobah also took participants through research methods. He said research should start with the identification of a gap that calls for contribution to the body of knowledge. He advised the students to develop a research plan weekly or monthly to guide their study and prepare their equipment such as test tubes and others a day before conducting experiments. Prof Adaboh reminded the students that the final objective of their research is to publish it.


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