Greetings from the School of Graduate Studies, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani-Ghana.

Graduate education plays a crucial role in the socio-economic, environmental, intellectual, and cultural vitality of the global community. Graduate degree-holders fuel this vitality in their roles as managers of industries, government leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers, educators among others. Innovation, creativity, dedication, competence, and achievement abound at the Graduate School of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani, Ghana.

Perhaps you are considering pursuing graduate education years after graduating with an undergraduate degree; or you have recently graduated; we are glad that you are making our university your first choice for graduate studies. The University of Energy and Natural Resources located at Sunyani, Ghana creates an exceptional learning environment that fosters global citizenship, advances sustainable society, and supports innovative and outstanding research that serves Ghana, Africa, and the world. The University attracts students nationally and internationally.

Under the direction of the Board of the School of Graduate Studies, the School coordinates the graduate-level academic programmes being offered in the departments within the University. The School exists to provide postgraduate education, disseminate knowledge and undertake research related to Energy and Natural Resources and Allied fields. Its key focus is to train and nurture students to be innovative in critical thinking to solve problems in the contemporary world of work. Its mandate includes the following:  

  • Promoting the development of innovative, cutting-edge, and relevant post-graduate programmes, and efficient and effective delivery to address emerging and critical national and global needs.
  • Approving all faculty members teaching postgraduate programmes and supervising postgraduate theses and dissertations, to ensure high-quality outputs of our postgraduate programmes comparable to graduate programmes of highly esteemed universities around the world. 
  • Admitting, registering, keeping records of examination of theses and dissertations, official correspondence, and seeking the welfare of graduate students.
  • Facilitating postgraduate students and faculty exchange programmes with well-known universities globally.
  • Assisting postgraduate students with applications for funding for research.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences for postgraduate students.

The following programmes are currently being coordinated by the School: MSc./PhD in Sustainable Energy Management; MSc./PhD in Environmental Engineering Management; MPhil/PhD in Social Forestry and Environmental Governance; MPhil/PhD in Crop Sciences; MPhil/PhD in Computer Science; MPhil in Applied Mathematics; MSc./MPhil/PhD in Environment, Water and Sustainability; MSc./MPhil in Environmental Planning and Sustainability; MBA/MPhil in Agribusiness Management; and MSc./MPhil in Climate Change.  The duration of our MSc. and MPhil programmes is two years and the PhD is four years.

The School of Graduate Studies at the University of Energy and Natural Resources is committed to effective, innovative, relevant, applied, cutting-edge, and ethical research; and aspires to become one of the best internationally recognized Graduate Schools in the areas of Energy and Natural Resources and allied disciplines.

Our faculty members are highly qualified professionals and very experienced in using relevant innovative techniques in imparting knowledge, and this makes the teaching and learning experience very interesting. They draw from a variety of disciplines, experiences, and knowledge to effectively communicate lessons to students. Their goal is to teach students how to think critically, master the concepts relevant to the programmes, and apply these concepts in relevant contexts for sustainable development. Our faculty members create the environment and opportunity for the graduate students to explore and learn more on their own, thereby bringing out the potentials in each student.

Our graduates are very confident and employed in several sectors of the domestic and international economies.  We are very proud of them in their performances on the jobs in these sectors.

Thank you in advance for your interest in graduate education at this esteemed university. Please visit our campus if you can. I would enjoy learning about your plans and how graduate studies at this esteemed university can help you achieve your goals.

You are warmly welcome to join our family.

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