The School of Graduate Studies is in charge of the administration and management of the University’s postgraduate programmes. It is headed by a Dean and aided by an Assistant Registrar who also serves as the School Secretary. Also, two Senior Administrative Assistants, One in Charge of students’ records and files, and the other serve as a secretary to the Dean. 

The Office is responsible for the School’s strategic academic direction, which is subject to Graduate Board approval, as well as the placement of current and prospective graduate students. The Dean is in charge of the School’s plans and programmes, as well as their implementation and evaluation.

The Schools’ Postgraduate Coordinators help the Dean in the implementation of the School’s programmes. They collaborate with other departments to implement all academic policies, as well as any additional responsibilities assigned by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Services Offered/ Core Activities
  1. Provide strategic planning concerning the Postgraduate Studies at the University
  2. Coordinate the development and implementation of policies on postgraduate studies
  3. Provide policy options on graduate studies for the consideration of the School Board through the submission of papers and memoranda
  4. Coordinate administrative activities of the School under the leadership of the Dean
  5. Administer Internal and External Examination of Theses
  6. Manage the schedule for oral defense, supervise the administrative staff in the Office
  7. Serve as the link between the Graduate School and teaching departments/units in the University 
  8. Serve as a point of reference for enquiries about the Graduate School and its programmes
  9. Prepare advertisement for graduate programmes
  10. Coordinate all admission applications and forward same to Departments for selection
  11. Process extension of time, deferment of programmes, and issuance of attestation letters, in addition to covering letters for transcript; facilitate assessment of students’ theses
  12. Receive final theses from Departments for onward submission to the University Librarian. 
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